Student Remote Learning Experience & Schedule



Students will be engaged in a variety of learning experiences each day. The learning will take place via a combination of educator-directed learning and student self-directed learning. Learning experiences may include any of the following activities and will differ at each level:


      • Large Group or small group video or conference calls
      • Email
      • Work packets
      • Projects
      • Reading lists
      • Exploring the natural world
      • Physical activity
      • Hands-on projects
      • Artistic creations that stem from students’ passions and interests 


In addition, the student learning experience will include the following:


  • The focus of the learning experience will be on reinforcing skills already taught this school year, applying and deepening these skills or introducing new concepts.
  • Learning experiences will take into account equity of access and support for all students.
  • The individual student experience will vary depending on student age, individual and family needs, access and capacity for remote learning.
  • Given the circumstances and the realities of remote learning, content taught will reflect the essential concepts of the existing curriculum. These essential curriculum concepts will be the same across the district for grade levels and subject areas.
  • Our plan is to begin the remote learning experiences on Monday, April 6, 2020.  Please understand that it will be a slow rollout as everyone transitions to this new learning environment.  If you have a question about your child’s learning or the experiences, please reach out to the teacher.





Our online learning schedule offers opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous learning and flexibility during the school day.  Students will have the opportunity to engage in both class community building and academic learning activities at times that are adaptable to family and student individual needs.  Teachers will have “office hours” and the discretion to use these meeting periods in any manner they deem most useful for their discipline, grade level, student learning needs. Each teacher will be posting their respective office hours schedule.  Built into the schedule is time for teachers to gather as departments or grade levels to share and improve best practices for online learning. Administrative teams will meet to discuss feedback from all of our constituencies and work to adjust structures/expectations to ensure that our students and families continue to have a positive learning experience.  


Here’s an overview of the typical time expected for students to be engaged in learning on a daily basis. The hours listed reflect a target length of time for student engagement with learning, not the amount of screen time they will be experiencing.  These guidelines are inclusive of direct teacher contact time (with classroom, special area, and special education teachers); support time with counselors, nurses, and other related service providers; student collaboration time; and individual student work time.

  • PreK: up to 1 hour/day
  • K to Grade 2: up to 2 hours/day
  • Grades 3 to 4: up to 2.5 hours/day
  • Grades 5 to 8: up to 3 hours/day
  • Grades 9 to 12: up to 3.5 hours/day


While we know that the digital learning space cannot replace the feel, structure, and experience of being in a classroom, we believe this schedule will allow our students to continue their learning while maintaining a connection to their classroom and school community. It will enable our faculty to reflect on their work as online educators and constantly innovate and iterate to provide your children with an engaging program. Schools will be reaching out to their respective communities to share the specifics of the plan, including the schedule, as it applies to them.
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