We love Yoga at KASE. Besides being fun, the opportunity to practice Yoga offers may benefits to our children that will serve them throughout their lives. Yoga can increase flexibility, focus, balance and concentration. Yoga can also improve breathing and reduce anxiety. We have a great time learning and practicing the different positions. Yoga class is a place where each child can move his or her body at it's own pace and strive to improve in a noncompetitive way.


We begin each class with a few yoga breaths.We place one hand on our hearts and one on our bellies to remind us to breathe deeply into our lungs. We have talked about using our breath to help us calm down or to give us more energy.

Next, we do our warm ups to help more blood get to our muscles. Then we move on to the poses. Here are a few examples.

Tree pose is a balancing pose. It helps to improve balance, build focus and strengthen foot and leg muscles. We have also played "The Tree Pose game" which is like the game "Mother, may I?" Playing the game provides many opportunities to practice "Tree".

Sun Salutations is a series of twelve poses designed to get energy moving through the whole body. This series also helps develop upper body strength. It is the basis of many yoga classes.

Tortoise pose is a quieting, seated pose. Being in this pose helps draw attention inward. This pose also helps improve hip flexibility. We have talked about different bodies being able to do different poses more easily. Tortoise can be a tough one!

Crow pose is an arm balance. It helps develop upper body strength as well as mental concentration. You cannot easily balance on your arms if you're not paying attention.

Child pose is a relaxing pose. We often go into child's pose between poses to rest.

We play the Bell game towards the end of class. The children sit in a circle with eyes closed while waiting for a child to ring the chime behind them. Once the chime is rung the ringer and the” ringee “switch places until each child has had a turn. This game helps build a sense of community and helps quiet the class to ready them for relaxation.

Most yoga classes end with relaxation pose to allow the body to absorb the benefits of the class. The children find a comfortable position and try to lie still and quiet for a minute and a half. Some days this is easier than others!

After relaxation, we make a circle, join hands, and "pass along a squeeze". This helps build community and connection.

We end class with "Namaste"- "I bow to you". This Indian greeting is a gesture of respect towards another.

Karen Mulhern R.N.
KASE School Nurse
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